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Sell your content via three sites & over 120 International distributors
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Three Sites
Have your images sold by three major stock sites:, &

You only upload once. Using the Ingram Portal you upload once and leave our team to do the rest. We'll allocate your content across our sites - often being offered on all three simultaneously.
120 Partners
You can also choose to have your content represented by our global network of distributors.

We work with over 120 agencies covering every region in the world. From South America to Asia we deal with all the biggest names including Getty, Amanaimages, Newscom, Superstock...
One Upload
One upload gives you access to an immense cross section of buyers - with one dashboard for uploading tracking sales and managing your royalty payments.

You can work with us non-exclusively, without long term commitments and even select with partnerships you'd like to opt-in to.

"From the beginning Ingimage has been a friendly and close agency, invested in the welfare of its contributors. I really feel comfortable working with them."

Javier Sanchez, Photographer
Your questions answered
Are there any restrictions?
No, providing you are over 18 and own the rights to your images you can contribute content. Ingram accepts photos (over 4 megapixels) and vector graphics. The images are made available for commercial use so if your content features recognisable people or private property you'll need to upload a signed release.
Will I still own the rights to my work?
You always retain the rights to your content. Moreover, you can have multiple other agencies license the same work (unless you opt for exclusive distribution) and you're always free to withdraw your portfolio at any time.
How does the royalty system work?
Every time your images are downloaded you'll earn a royalty commission - up to 40% of the revenue. You can have your payments deposited via Paypal, Skrill or we can arrange to have the money transferred directly into your account. Payouts can be set a low as $50.
How do I start?
Sign up is easy and takes less than 5 minutes: just complete the registration form and start turning your creativity into cash.
Significantly boost your stock earnings by uploading to three major libraries via one portal
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